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Anna Psalmond is a family + animal portrait photographer based in San Francisco, California who is passionate about love, animals, and travel. She was trained as a commercial photographer at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Her work has been published in magazines around the world and displayed in billboards around Los Angeles and Costa Rica. She is active in helping non-profit animal rescue organizations around the world.

Anna was born in Indonesia, but considers herself a citizen of the world. She is now back in California after a long worldwide journey with her husband. Since about 8 years old, she has always wanted to experience the world and different cultures. She often wonders how different life would be if she were Japanese, British, or American; how different cultures would shape one’s personality.

Cultures are not her only interest since young age. Despite her allergy to fur, she has always loved to be around animals since very little. She was always sneezing and having difficulty breathing, but to her, it’s a small price to pay for happiness. 

Now a mother, she finds love and joy spending time with her toddler. She loves watching and capturing that joy that family brings. 

Her goal in photography is the same as her goal in life: happiness. She takes pictures to make her happy, to make you happy, and to share the story, emotions, love, and happiness to the rest of the world.

© Anna Psalmond 2013
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