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I'm a newborn, family, and animal photographer based in San Francisco, California. I'm passionate about love, animals, and travel. I was trained as a commercial photographer at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. My love for babies and animals have led to the path as a portrait photographer. My work has been published in magazines around the world and displayed in billboards around Los Angeles and Costa Rica. I'm currently one of the photographers for GGMG (Golden Gate Mother's Group) Magazine. When I'm not busy photographing cute babies or taking care of my own cute baby, you might find me helping non-profit animal rescue organizations around the world.

I was born in Indonesia, but considers myself a citizen of the world. I consider Jakarta, Hangzhou, Costa Rica, Atlanta, and California as my home. I'm now back in California after a long worldwide journey with my husband. Now as a mother, I find joy spending time with my toddler. I feel very lucky to be able to witness the love and joy of your family and capture it for you to treasure forever. 

My goal in photography is the same as my goal in life: happiness. I take pictures to make me happy, to make you happy, and to share the story, emotions, love, and happiness to the rest of the world.

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